What we do and why

Stuart Heyes

Head of Production

Hi, I'm Stuart Heyes. I like working for Kate McGrath and Louise Blackwell because I trust them and want them to succeed in whatever they choose to do. I also want to be the whoopee cushion in the Fuel boardroom, but for deadly serious reasons. 

I work in theatre because it's a nice place for a revolutionary to hide. I want people to go to see theatre with the same ease as they go to the toilet, and just as frequently. I want to get people out of their houses in their millions to see things. I hate theatre as a museum exhibit or a tourist attraction or worse still a privileged minority pastime.  I want people to get partisan about what they make in theatre; believe in it passionately, make it happen regardless of funding, and push through with intensity. Then I want the audience to get partisan about what they like; defend it because they love it, condemn it when they hate it, but most of all integrate it into their everyday lives. 

My favourite Fuel memory is of Kate McGrath inviting two 12 year old boys on their bikes to come into Electric Hotel in Stockton on Tees. They were just playing in the streets (at 10.30pm at night!) and she gave them a seat and a set of headphones each. They remained glued to their seats for the duration. It was the first truly fulfilling moment I've had at work in years. Two down, 40 million to go.