Support Fuel

  • Firefly - £60.00

    From £5 a month (or £60 per annum).

    The fireflies swarm helps us keep everything alight.  We work with a lot of artists across a lot of projects.  The fireflies are the ones that make sure we’re able to keep working hard on everything we do.

    If you would like to set up a standing order to pay monthly or choose your own level of support please email

  • Kindling - £500.00

    £500 per annum.

    Our Kindling are the foundations of Fuel.  They add their own energy to the mix and enable us to take risks and say yes to crazy ideas.

    Photo: Brilliant by Fevered Sleep © Keith Pattison

  • Spark - £1,000.00

    £1000 per annum.

    Our Sparks enable new ideas to take light.  They get to know the artists they support and see the show take form at the very first stages.

    Image: Kursk by Sound&Fury © Keith Pattison

  • Generator - £5,000.00

    £5000 per annum.

    Our Generators are a very special group of people.  They provide the extra push to enable an idea to become a reality.  We work in partnership with our Generators to keep the Fuel engine room going apace.

    Photo: Red Ladies © Manuel Vason