What's on this week...

Posted: 11/09/12
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Sound&Fury, Kursk

Here's a roundup of what's on this week at Fuel...

- You can still catch Sound&Fury's film adaption of Kursk on BBC's The Space, which is available to watch until the end of October. Click here to watch the film.

- Download our new Body Pods podcast The Skin. This month multi-media artist and performer Stacy Makishi and dermatologist Michael Klaber take the microscope to our largest organ. Click here to listen to the podcast. Don't forget you can also watch a short film about the making of this podcast, just click here.

- Physical Thinking, part of Clod Ensemble's Open Workshops season, will be taking place on 12-14 September at The Queen’s Gallery, London. You can enjoy the Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomist exhibition after the crowds have gone home, letting yourself ‘be moved’ by his anatomical studies. In this short course participants will have the opportunity to discover the artist's notes and drawings through a series of structured movement and performance exercises which take place in the gallery. For more information, click here.