Touch Tour for Audio Described performance of Going Dark

Posted: 19/12/12
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance

This Saturday 22 December at 2pm we will present an audio described performance of Sound&Fury's Going Dark for blind and partially sighted audiences. Before the show at 12pm there will be a touch tour of the set, and a tactile exploration of the Milky Way on hand-held 3D star maps, guided by Tom Espiner, a member of Sound&Fury.

Exploring the theme of blindness, vision and understanding, Going Dark is about a cosmologist who begins to lose his sight. It's an immersive show that takes audiences on a sensory journey that examines how we 'see' the world around us, and contemporary society's lost connection with the night sky.

We hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Wed Nov 25th 2015 / 20:34pm / Meltem
    (Paperback) The pictures were cofrolul and the ideas were very creative. The author even tells how to sponge paint, stencil, paint murals, and other challenges. I only wish there had been more info on where to buy what you see in the book and exactly what colors of what brands of paints to use. A wonderful book if you want to stay away from wallpaper!


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