The Victorian in the Wall going down a storm on tour

Posted: 10/04/13
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Will Adamsdale

Will Adamsdale's brand new show, The Victorian in the Wall, a comedy with songs which is touring the UK at the moment is getting great reactions from audiences and reviewers alike. Check out some of the audience feedback we've received, below, and a lovely review from Brighton's events website The Latest, here.

Watch the trailer here.


From Bristol Old Vic...

“My wife and I had the privilege of being in the audience for the Victorian in the Wall  production in Bristol last Thursday. We visit the theatre quite regularly, which often costs  four or five times more, but enjoyed your play more than many of the more expensive ones. We found it funny and thought provoking and well acted by the whole cast. We hope your tour is as successful as it deserves to be good luck for now and in the future.” 

From Brighton Dome...

“We went to see the Victorian in the Wall at Brighton tonight on a bit of a whim - we'd had an email from the Dome advertising it.

It turned out to be one of the best entertainment choices we've made in years.  It was brilliantly funny and observant, beautifully absurd, well-acted, creatively staged, the right length, the right pace... I could go on... we loved the show! Please pass on our thanks and congratulations to all concerned.  

We spent the journey home listing friends we must recommend it to.”

Catch the show on tour at these venues:

10 April: Northern Stage, Newcastle

12-13 April: Royal Exchange, Manchester

16-17 April: Corn Exchange, Newbury

19 April: Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham

24 April: Lakeside Theatre, Colchester

26-27 April: Lighthouse, Poole

11 May-8 June: Royal Court, London


  1. Thu Apr 11th 2013 / 9:27am / Richard Pearce
    Just seen "The Victorian in the Wall" in Newcastle, it's delicious. Playful, inventive, intelligent, fun, and a great story too.
  2. Thu Apr 25th 2013 / 6:36am / jeff firth
    Just brilliant. We both came away saying this stands out as the best show we have seen for some time. Just loved the lateral thought processes. It was like a play by Eddie Izzard plus more. Ironic that the main character suffers from writers cramp, yet the play is completely free flowing and imaginative bliss. Congratulations to whoever put this together. Our lives have been lifted.
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