The London Jacksathon! rounds the corner into the home stretch...

Posted: 25/01/11
Tags: Theatre, London, Will Adamsdale

That's right cadets!

It's now day 21 of Chris John Jackson's marathon tour of London. He's hit the wall, climbed over it, run back round to hit it again and repeated until nauseous and now he's into the home strecth of his 26(.2) night tour.

The finishing line at the BAC this Sunday is gleaming in the distance and there are only tickets left for 3 of the shows this week:
Millfield Arts Centre in Enfield on Wednesday
artsdepot on Thursday (which is a sign interpreted performance)
Bloomsbury Theatre on Friday.
Click here for more information and to book.

And thank you to the people who came to help move South London South on Saturday.

We've no proof that it worked though one onlooker said it did feel a bit warmer.

That's 45 minutes well Jactioned - Achieved!