The Fingers - the final Body Pods podcast

Posted: 07/12/12

We've just launched our final podcast, The Fingers, by ice musician Terje Isungset and Mike Tipton, professor of Human and Applied Physiology at University of Portsmouth. You can listen to the podcast and watch a short film interview about the collaboration here. We hope you enjoy it.

Terje says of his podcast:

"We use our fingers in all kinds of activities for so much of our everyday life and through making this podcast, I realised it would be very difficult not to have them.  In the podcast I use several types of instruments and sounds, with ice instruments playing a small part at the end. They are all sounds that are made using the fingers and range from recognisable instruments such as the violin, drums and striking on piano strings, to glass, ice and a computer keyboard.

My podcast grew from the idea of communication and how much we use our fingers to be part of our community. Sounds such as typing, dialling a phone number and entering a pin code at a bank machine all feature within the piece and through writing it I became aware of how important our fingers are in the relationships between human beings.

Mike told me some excellent facts about the fingers that are used in the podcast, from the fingers are the part of our body most sensitive to touch to the biological fact that the body is willing to sacrifice the fingers in extreme conditions such as fire and cold. I find this particularly interesting as I make and play instruments formed of ice and so work in conditions of -30°c. Perhaps I have been too eager, as I have had problems with the cold and my fingers, and have had frost-bite on my fingertips. So for me this is the biggest contradiction of the fingers: that they are so useful to us in so many activities that make up our daily lives but we need other parts of our body more, and so would surrender them in order to preserve that life."