Stilled - exhibition opening and performance at Siobhan Davies Studio

Posted: 15/03/12
By: Fuel Producing Intern
Tags: Theatre, London, Sound, Light, Performance, Fevered Sleep

This Saturday (17th) catch David Harradine's durational dance piece Stilled at Siobhan Davies Studio.  The performance is free and non-ticketed, so feel free to drop in at any time between 1pm and 8pm.

Combining performance, music and photography, Stilled is performed both for a human audience and a bank of silent, all-seeing pinhole cameras.

Alongside the performance, Siobhan Davies Studio host an exhibition of prints from Stilled, displayed throughout the building. Each image bears witness to dances that have already been and gone, durations of time captured in a single image.

For more information on Stilled, click here.