Sound&Fury's Going Dark on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review

Posted: 15/03/12
Tags: Theatre, London, Sound, Light, Performance, Sound&Fury

Rave reviews are pouring in for Sound&Fury's Going Dark, which is playing at the Young Vic, London, until 24th March.

To hear Tom Sutcliffe and his guests the writers Kamila Shamsie and Louise Doughty and the poet Paul Farley discuss the show on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review, click here. (It starts at 22 minutes into the programme.)

Recent praise for Going Dark:

a one-man show that casts us both far out into the heavens and deep into human head-space…Sound & Fury are going boldly where few companies have gone before

The Telegraph *****

…manages to marry the best aspects of such dazzling text-based plays as Stoppard's Arcadia and Frayn's Copenhagen, which make profound use of science as metaphor, with state-of-the art deployment of theatre-as-atmosphere techniques.

The Independent *****

For more information on the show, click here.


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