Sign Interpretation at Almeida

Posted: 21/06/11
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Inua Ellams, Sign Interpreted

We're very pleased to be working in partnership with the Almeida to present a BSL interpreted performance of Inua EllamsThe 14th Tale on Wednesday 13 July, 7.30pm, at the Almeida (Almeida Street, N1 1TA).  The interpreter, Martin Roberts, will shadow Inua throughout the performance.

The 14th Tale will be presented as part of an evening of sign interpretations and you will be able to see a second BSL interpreted performance of your choice (interpreted by Jeni Draper), as part of Greyscale's Theatre Brothel.

Feedback from deaf audience members at the interpretation of The 14th Tale at Contact Theatre in Manchester:

“really enjoyed it and Martin the interpreter was great”

“want to see more shows like this!”

Read more about The Theatre Brothel on the Almeida’s website.
Tickets: £15 – To find out more about how the evening will be organised and to book tickets email or

Inua Ellams grew up in Nigeria.  He is a performance poet and The 14th Tale is his first play.  He moved to Ireland when he was young.  He then moved to London.  This is the story of his experiences.  He tells us about his family in Nigeria.  He tells us about his friends and the mischief he got up to at school.  He then tells us about moving to Ireland and how he had to cope with the different culture.  He talks about how people reacted to him.  He talks about racism.  He talks about love.  He talks about fun and laughter.  He talks about sadness.  He talks about his father.  He talks about himself. 

This is one in a series of sign interpreted performances. Please see our access page for further infomation.  To stay in touch with Fuel’s work, please email  Fuel gratefully acknowledges the City Bridge Trust for the support of their access work.


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