1. Sun Apr 1st 2012 / 1:43am / Lisandro
    Arina: Yes, thats very true. Our goal at SK is to bring you the best and latest on our girl but there are sooo many pics of Keira out there, it isn't pbssiole for us to have them all on the site. We urge our amazing viewers to help us with finding pics we don't have and you guys do such a wonderful job of that! But there is only two people running SK (Tathy and I) plus it cost a ton of money to get our hands on the pics. We've spent hundreds of our own money trying to make our gallery the best on the web and we hope it shows and you all enjoy it. Arina, you seem very interested in bringing us pics of Keira we are missing. If you have the time and would like to help us with the gallery, i'll give you my email and you can email me anything you find. We would greatly appreciate your help and passion! And credit will of course always be given!
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