Reflections of a Fuel Intern

Posted: 25/02/11
Tags: Training

If you were wondering what it's like to be a Fuel intern, here are a few reflections from our most recent Producing Intern, Claire Turner...

"It was only last week that I completed my three month internship with Fuel, however I already consider it some of the most valuable experience I have. I will miss the vibrant and busy office in Battersea (not to mention BAC’s brownies), but with a bit of help from Fuel I have landed on my feet; interning for three months with Clod Ensemble, working closely with their Project Producer Tracy Gentles.

There has been some discussion recently about cash strapped arts & heritage organisations relying too heavily - some say ‘exploiting’ - interns, under the guise of giving them experience. An article in the Evening Standard on Wednesday highlighted some institutions that run unpaid internships for up to 9 months. I know from experience that it can be difficult finding the means to complete an internship, let alone finding the right one for you. However a stint in an organisation can provide great hands on experience, which is almost impossible to gain any other way, as well as friends and contacts for life.

Fuel puts careful thought and time into their internships, aiming to expose the person to as much as possible and making them an integral part of the team. You have an opportunity to work with every member of the team, all of whom have something different to share. Completing the internship at Fuel has reaffirmed my enthusiasm for theatre, as well as giving me the confidence to take the next steps towards a career in the industry.

Look back now, with a mere week's perspective, I feel that I have laid the foundations for what I hope will be a long and fulfilling engagement in theatre. I’m sure that I will often recall my time with Fuel and what I learnt there. Not least that tea should be strong, and preferably come with a biscuit."

Claire Turner, Fuel Intern, November 2010 to February 2011