Peggy Shaw's inspiration

Posted: 06/05/11

We asked Peggy Shaw to tell us a few words about what inspired her to write her piece - Everyday Moments 4: at dawn, at home, after a sleepless night:

"When Fuel asked me to do a podcast and write a ten minute piece of an everyday moment, the first thing I thought of is that this is how I write my shows: trusting the impulses that I get on first hearing it, and trying to find my original thoughts without worrying if they are boring or insane or racist or mysoginist or antisemetic or homophobic, all the things that I consider censors for me. I write my thoughts and then worry about what or why I have said them. Do you ever have sleepless nights? Well, I have been blessed with them for years, cause that night-time madness and the peacefulness of most people being asleep has always inspired me. Even Louise Bourgeois used to sketch in the night. But somewhere along the line, creativeness turned to worriness and it was unhealthy for me, which didn’t really help me sleep, but made me aware that my midnight rantings were more than being creative, that I needed to find a new way of passing my night-time hours in a healthy way, like meditation. But until that higher state enters my life, I am left with my panics and confusions, which you all may recognize. How they seem like the end of the world and then the sun rises and it dissipates most of the fears. So how enjoyable it is to put into words the images and journey I go on in the fear of the night without having to write a show about it – that my small details of my night, combined with music by  Vivian, give me a moment to reflect and rethink how crazy I feel in the dark. I hope you enjoy it without worrying about any logic that’s non-existent in my writing. That’s why I should call myself a Poet rather that a performer."

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