Nick Whitfield's inspiration

Posted: 06/08/11

Nick Whitfield tells us what inspired him to write his latest Everyday Moments podcast:

'It took me a long time to make friends with mornings. Between the ages of four and 34 we didn’t get along at all. These days we’re fine, good buddies even, and I feel better for it. 

'I didn’t choose it, mind. This change has been forced on me rather, events having made a more positive engagement with the morning non-negotiable. Two of these events, in fact, the ratbags.

'Now, having risen early and struggled to remain conscious for a few years, my body has adjusted and I find 9am to be deliciously full of potential, a moment of suspension before I set about changing where I find myself with the day’s work.

'In its writing, and improvising, I thought this podcast was about Optimism Vs Pessimism, but I’m not so sure listening back. Maybe it’s about setting tasks, problems to be solved, as a way of not worrying too much about what things are. Or about working alone. Or living in the country. Or bourgeois coffee.

'Yeah, that’s it, mainly; coffee. That and skiving.'

Listen to his podcast here.


  1. Tue Aug 23rd 2011 / 23:00pm / Stew
    Holy conisce data batman. Lol!
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  3. Sat Aug 27th 2011 / 7:25am / ffuoekto
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  4. Sat Nov 10th 2012 / 23:26pm / Ariel
    That reminds me of when i broke my mldide finger. Having nearly passed out from the pain, I decided that I would still go downstairs, get in my car and drive to work. I thought I was all fine and dandy, but a four separate people tried to stop me from getting in my car because i was so pale. One very nice couple chased after me as I stumbled through the parking lot and made me sit there for a bit before they let me drive away.The best part of that story is really that I thought the place to go with a broken finger was work. And that when i got to work, i did not have the most impressive injury there. My coworker had gone tubing the day before and completely messed up his hand (swollen, rope burns, couple sprained fingers).
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