New While You Wait Podcast

Posted: 25/02/13
By: Fuel Producing Intern

February's While You Wait podcast Waiting In a Queue by Victoria Melody is now available. Take a listen for some glorious insights into the British culture of queuing.

Victoria Melody says:

“I study the National character of my own people the English. I am not a trained anthropologist or ethnographer, I am an artist. But to help me with this podcast I have enlisted the help of a real social scientist and geographer – Dr Alan Latham, to help balance out my wild generalisations and wonky observations and to add some fact into the mix.

I have been a fan of queuing and the English for my entire adult life. I have observed, participated, experimented and even made art works about it. In preparation for this podcast I have been conducting research out in the field. I have been queuing up for goods and services and recording the process on my Dictaphone. To make this research more scientific and to give a more accurate, overview, I have queued in the South where I live now and in the North where I am from originally. It’s been riveting as you can imagine. This pod cast presents my findings. Backed up by facts, history, stories and sweeping statements, my favorite.”


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