My evening with an immigrant

Posted: 22/07/16
Tags: Theatre, London, Inua Ellams

We’ve had a great week with Inua Ellams’ An Evening with an Immigrant at Soho Theatre. Inua’s most recent show, which felt to me like a cross between a performed narration of his life, a poetry reading and a TED talk, is autobiographical and tells the story of his journey from Nigeria to London, then Dublin, before returning to London and both his discovery of racism and the difficulties people can face as immigrants, and writing poetry. The show has been going really well and we’ve heard lots of great things from audiences who have enjoyed it, such as this lovely review in The Stage, and on our Twitter feed.

There are just two nights left this week – tonight and tomorrow, and only a few tickets remaining, which you can get here if you’re quick!


Emily Baycroft (new intern at Fuel)