Merry Christmas from Fuel

Posted: 22/12/15
By: Robyn

Merry Christmas from Fuel

We're days away from Christmas and have been talking about how wonderful

2015 has been in the office. We had a year pack full of outstanding theatre and wanted to share all of this with you. We launched The Spalding Suite at Contact, Manchester and Southbank Centre and carried on with a top tour. We also toured up and down the country with Fiction, This Last Tempest and The Red Chair. We brought The 14th Tale to schools and revived Jackson with a Christmas twist. We went to Edinburgh and had a cracking season with all our four shows. 2015 was also the final year of our New Theatre in your Neighbourhood research project. We went to Jaywick with the Knowledge Emporium, visited Poole and Margate with Feral, took Everyday Moments in Colchester and premiered The Preston Bill in Preston. We learnt so much about touring and had fabulous artistic and audience encounters throughout the year.

So here's to 2015 and see you all in 2016!


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