Making (Your) Things Work For You! On Sale Now

Posted: 13/01/11

There's a buzz around London town this month and that buzz is coming fom the engine of the Jacko Van as it tours The London Jacksathon!

Already been to one of the talkshopinars and come out feeling inspired/headachey? Want more Jackson in your life?

P.T.I (Push Through with Intensity) and buy Chris John Jackson's new Power Pamphlet Making (Your) Things Work For You! on sale now though our shop!


  1. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 2:05am / Amelia
    That saves me. Thanks for being so seinsble!
  2. Fri Nov 9th 2012 / 9:19am / Hicham
    5000 miles! Wow you weren't joking when you told me this in Santiago. This is rellay cool and I like you pictures. Hope your having fun Jack!-Fred
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  6. Tue Apr 26th 2016 / 21:30pm / Eve
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