Listen to The Arse, our Body Pod for June

Posted: 06/06/12
By: Fuel Producing Intern
Tags: Sound
Are you prepping for your summer holidays? Getting that bikini bod ready?
Take a trip through the mind of film director Amanda Boyle as she comes to terms with cellulite. 
You can now listen to The Arse, our sixth podcast in a series called Body Pods. Each podcast has been made by an artist in collaboration with a scientist, exploring a different part of your body. The Arse has been made by film and television director Amanda Boyle and Dr David Gems, a geneticist who heads a research group at the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing. 
Amanda writes of her podcast:

"When Fuel generously asked me to do Bodypods I thought – oh god I’ll have to write (I rarely do), perform (I never do) and work in sound (moving images are my game). Yet the chance to work with a scientist of my choice was irresistible. Over the years Dr. David Gems has been my go-to-guy whenever I’ve needed a scene scienced up. He’s an expert in ageing and those are the people you want in your address book. Elegantly smart, dryly witty and with an all-seeing eye totally alien to mine, I’m almost completely happy putting the future of humanity in his hands. Together we’ve decided to look at the ageing body through the condition of cellulite. David is evangelical in his desire for people to realise that this is not a disease and that the need to change body aesthetics is essential. Just as I’m keen to stress that I’m generally working on both not giving a damn and not being part of the problem. So together we bring you our arse-cast. It’s been tremendous fun to make and although we won’t be giving up our day jobs, I think it’s clear I do have a rear for radio."