Kazuko Hohki's inspiration

Posted: 27/01/11
Tags: Performance

We're so glad you've been enjoying the first in the series of the Everyday Moments podcast so much. It's great to hear that some of you have actually been listening to it in the designated time and place...

Want to know a bit more about what inspired Kazuko to write 'in the evening, in the bath'... ? Then read on... This is a slightly extended version of what was published on Time Out's website.

"In 2008 I became a late-in-life mother. After many years of not being able to conceive, this was the most amazing event in my life and I thought I can never be hurt or frustrated again. But very quickly I learned that’s not the case.

Taro has made me so happy but I still want many things! I want to create more work, want to have good reviews, want to have five more children, want to have a free (but excellent) childminder, want to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. As Taro is growing up every day and becoming more independent of me every moment, I already fear the moment that he finally leaves me…

Life is a continuous ‘I want’. We keep creating our holes to fill up. It gives us endless fun and distress. Then we reach death. We can only dream that death may even fill up these holes with something utterly brilliant.

I wanted to write a sort of love song to death. Being a love song, it is romantic rather than realistic, but we always need a bit of romance in our life. Even if it’s for death. I hope the bath will be a great place to sing this song, because it is where we came from before we were born!"

Haven't managed to listen yet? Listen now on the Everyday Moments page.


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