Josie Long Shortlisted for an Edinburgh Comedy Award

Posted: 24/08/12

Yesterday Josie Long was shortlisted for an Edinburgh Comedy Award for her new show, Romance and Adventure. The winner will be announced on Saturday afternoon but, in the meantime, listen to the podcast Josie made for us last year as part of the Everyday Moments series. May the best woman win...


  1. Thu Dec 13th 2012 / 20:01pm / Thaa
    Hi Josie! Ugh, I am SO TIRED of people sgnuestigg weights instead of running to me, too! I love your metaphor it's like freaking Brussels sprouts instead of chocolate! (However, I do love Brussels sprouts, so maybe more like broccoli?) Anyhow, I hear you!ALSO!!!! As you prob know from reading my blog, Flywheel is my JAM! I can't wait to hear how you like it. Have a blast!
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