Jen Malarkey and Encounter to create new work at Choreodrome

Posted: 22/05/17
By: Katya Mendleson
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance

Encounter Productions’ Jen Malarkey, a new Fuel collaborator, has been selected alongside to develop two new projects at Choreodrome. Choreodrome, The Place’s summer research and development programme for British-based dance makers, is taking place from 24 July to 24 September this year. Here Jen and her key collaborator, writer Lee Mattinson, and their creative team will have the opportunity to develop her work alongside artists from all over the country, contributing to the development of an eclectic community producing an electrifying body of new work.

Encounter will be developing two exciting new pieces, Island and Deaf Choir.

Island will explore how children process tragedy differently to adults, parental anxiety in the face of the unknown, and the vital nature of children defining their individuality. Explorations of barriers to communication, crisis and climate change also will be undertaken in this ambitious project. Island will be developed with active participation from primary age children alongside adult performers.


Deaf Choir will seek to challenge the socially-held notions of ‘beautiful’ sound, ‘high’ art and ‘professional’ dance, using collaboration to explore how sound is experienced in the body, a listening not of the ears but of the being as a whole working with hearing dancers and a chorus of deaf singers.

Watch this space for dates and details of how you can experience the work in development as part of the programme. 


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