Inua Ellams' Inspiration

Posted: 08/03/11
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Inua explained a bit more about why he decided to do his podcast on a city bridge across a river.

In his own words:

"We have used language, words, names to colonise our entire planet. It has helped us order the world and order ourselves against our world. However, it can also limit our ability to expand the world and its meanings. Poetry tries to illuminate such stuff, it points a finger and asks you to look at what might be there, what lies between cracks, how one thing can be many things. To illustrate, take the word ‘fist’. It instantly conjurers a bunched hand and the idea of violence. Paired with a different notion - say, randomly an onion - the phrase  ‘a fist of onion’ now imagines the bulb with its flavours strong and wrapped securely inside. Or ‘a fist of a hug’, suggests a tight grip and intense emotions between two people. Both phrases cast the word ‘fist’ in a different light and hint at non anatomical notions attached to it. This fun, quick lil exercise - on a city bridge across a river, with friends, pens and paper  - demonstrates how spontaneously notions can be ripped from and attached to other words and still hold meaning, and with a slight shift of the mind, mysteries unfold from the mundane."

Listen to Inua's podcast.