Inua Ellams at Perth Festival 2012

Posted: 22/11/11
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Inua Ellams

Perth International Arts Festival 2012 has launched - and our very own Inua Ellams will be jetting off to Perth to give Australian audiences a chance to catch the first international performance of his 2009 Fringe First award-winning coming of age story: The 14th Tale.

The world's best performers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers will flock to to Perth for the prestigious and exciting 60-year-old festival, which will run from the 10 February-3 March 2012. The line up includes performances from Frantic Assembly, music from Bon Iver, talks from Germaine Greer and family reading and writing days. For more information click here.

The 14th Tale is a free-flowing, mellifluous narrative that tells of the exploits of a natural born mischief-maker who grows from the clay streets of Nigeria to the roof-tops of Dublin and London. Inua Ellams vividly recreates the characters that punctuate his upbringing in deft and beautiful poetry, while challenging the audience’s expectations of what it is to be young, black and male in London today.

We hope Australian audiences enjoy the festival!


  1. Thu Dec 22nd 2011 / 0:05am / Kalea
    You're on top of the game. Thanks for srahing.
  2. Wed Aug 14th 2013 / 0:12am / Salah
    First of all, are you talking about 6000 euros or $AUD? If it is in 6000 $AUD and that iuecndls air tickets, I dont think it will be enough for the 2 of you. I was in Europe for 3 weeks before and it cost me about 2500 Euros (including air tickets) for just one person. So you will need about 10,000 $AUD or more to be on the safe side.I will recommend you to go to the following countries (they are my favorite place to go any time) -1) Prague2) Paris3) Berlin4) Budapest5) Rome6) KrakowTo suit you schedule, do consider the following route:-Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Bratislava/Vienna-Krakow-Warsaw-Berlin.Do take note that should you go to Brastislava/Vienna, it is only one hour away by train between teh two capitals and you can go there in the morning and return at night without spending more money on accomodation. I stay in Bratislava for 4 days and use one day to visit Vienna.Have a pleasant trip.
  3. Wed Nov 25th 2015 / 15:04pm / Jerzy
    - 22:14 I hear this, too, and no doubt it's a legitimate cnecorn for professional companies. The alternatives are to either A) resign these classics to the annals of history, B) adapt them to include fewer characters, oftentimes until they turn into something else completely, C) produce fewer plays in a season which then allows you to do these classics. I look at a company like Punchdunk, which somewhat ominously advertises that the company is on hiatus while they research their next production. While they have produced a fair amount of plays in a single season in the past, to date they have only done around 20 in their 12 year history and one of those was remounted a few times. When they do perform, the reviews are amazing. Agree with their style or not (site specific theatre), it's an experience that many won't soon forget. I guess I'm on that side of the fence- I would much rather see fewer shows that had enormous power and impact, shows that become events when they happen. I'm not a producer, so I know their needs are different, but that's my view from an actor's perspective.


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