Inua Ellams at Perth Festival 2012

Posted: 22/11/11
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Inua Ellams

Perth International Arts Festival 2012 has launched - and our very own Inua Ellams will be jetting off to Perth to give Australian audiences a chance to catch the first international performance of his 2009 Fringe First award-winning coming of age story: The 14th Tale.

The world's best performers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers will flock to to Perth for the prestigious and exciting 60-year-old festival, which will run from the 10 February-3 March 2012. The line up includes performances from Frantic Assembly, music from Bon Iver, talks from Germaine Greer and family reading and writing days. For more information click here.

The 14th Tale is a free-flowing, mellifluous narrative that tells of the exploits of a natural born mischief-maker who grows from the clay streets of Nigeria to the roof-tops of Dublin and London. Inua Ellams vividly recreates the characters that punctuate his upbringing in deft and beautiful poetry, while challenging the audience’s expectations of what it is to be young, black and male in London today.

We hope Australian audiences enjoy the festival!