1. Mon Sep 29th 2014 / 18:32pm / Henrique
    Dear Christine and Michael:So good to about all you are doing. I hope the camping went well. Not much fun being in a tent if it's cold and rainy. I will be going up to my camp in the Adirondacks for the Labor Day Weekend Holiday. I had hoped to swim, but it will be unsbasonaely cool. I have materials to do some prophetic artwork up there however, and I am looking forward to doing some drawing.There used to be a balloon festival each year here in Greenville not all that long ago. One of the balloons actually landed in the one of my neighbor's fields. That was a blast to see.It sounds like things are coming together for you and Michael. Bristol looks like a charming town. Your house group sounds very exciting. When I lived in Pittsburgh, the church I attended had several college students due to the 2 universities there. Several of the students came from other countries. I enjoyed getting to meet them. It's hard for me to believe that my oldest niece is starting her freshman year at college this weekend. Brandy will be attending Northeastern University in Boston. Hurricane Earl is not stopping her either!A church with a 1000 parishioners, WOW. What a contrast to Christ Church Coxsackie. I think when you and Michael were attending we had an average Sunday attendance of 25! It's not much higher than that now, but the Lord is certainly moving here. We miss both of you.I am looking forward to hearing about all that God will be doing for you. I will keep you in my prayers, particularly for provision. May the Lord continue to bless both of you mightily.Devotedly,Cindy
  2. Wed Oct 1st 2014 / 13:07pm / Robin
    Perhaps they hand out sermons in adnavce at King's because they have so many tourists present every Sunday for whom English is not their first language and the Dean thinks that doing so will help them-but this is only a guess. It would have been interesting to hear how you felt it came over from the pulpit. Anyway, your piece was topical as just on Thursday evening my wife and I went to an ecumenical service in Fisherwick Presbyterian church in Belfast, primarily because we wanted to hear the preacher, Professor Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham. He had obviously written or typed out the sermon as he turned to a new piece of A4 paper every so often-but he didn't appear to be reading from them. It was, in our opinion, outstanding and inspiring. I was enthusing about it to a colleague the following day and when he asked how long the sermon was I replied about 15 minutes, but it seemed like 2 or 3-it could have gone on much longer as far as I was concerned'. In fact, I've been sent a link to a recording of it and it's over 25 minutes! Wonderful.
  3. Wed Oct 1st 2014 / 18:53pm / Latricia
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  4. Fri Oct 3rd 2014 / 8:21am / Jessica
    My dear I love reading your news and just wish I was techy enugoh to do the same for my adventures in the North Country:) The balloons look fabulous and also the 24/7 prayer movement there in the UK is light years ahead of many countries ..good for you!The tent was VERY small!! Hope you survived OK?I have just got my first home ever and am busy painting and sanding floors happy!I am still painting and hoping to introduce the Young Adults to some evangelism using art in the fall:)Thank you for what u did in my life through the track ..please send any inspiration or ideas when you have chance:)Love you both!Christine
  5. Sun Oct 5th 2014 / 8:14am / Mick
    I don't use a script but have a few notes of bits that I want to rmemeber. The way to keep from wandering is to have one point and go towards that at all time what do I want them to take away and chew on this week? The late Peter Gomes, at Harvard, was my homiletics professor he taught us to preach this way. Before we would go up to preach we would give him a slip of paper with the point we were going to make in the sermon. All stories, thoughts, facts had to support where we were headed. [url=]adkmdrfk[/url] [link=]breuxoru[/link]


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