Hofesh Shechter's inspiration

Posted: 31/05/11

We asked Hofesh Shechter to tell us a few words about what inspired him to write his piece - Everyday Moments 5: late night, with headphones, in a completely, utterly, dark room, with some space to move:

'I think of this podcast as an initiation. It gives each listener an opportunity to do as they wish, to experience their own body from the inside, through a physical experience. You are in safety of your room, of the dark, and your only audience is barely you... Each one is free to take it as far as they can. The podcast draws on the idea that when moving, what matters in fact is not the shapes but the physical sensations, the feelings and thoughts that are inserted into the movement, into the body. It gives a gentle structure and recommendation for where to start. You will decide what happens. Think about this podcast like going to experience a dance show, or a music concert, but from the inside of your body. It is as silly as dancing for yourself in a room. In fact that's precisely what it is – we all should do it more!'

Listen to this podcast, along with the rest in the series released so far.