Goodbye Belarus Free Theatre...

Posted: 25/06/12
By: Fuel Producing Intern
Tags: Theatre, London

Belarus Free Theatre have left UK shores, after a fantastic national tour and superb run at the Young Vic of Minsk 2011: A reply to Kathy Acker. We wish them well and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

LIFT is still in full swing though and there is plenty to see! Be quick to catch Requardt & Rosenberg's Motor Show which ends on 27 June.  We also recommend Hamid Pourazari's World Premiere of Unfinished Dream which is running till 1 July.


  1. Tue Aug 13th 2013 / 8:37am / Utlwanang
    - Wow, really?! You guys are way to nice! Thank you for the kind words, cant wait for the next wddieng coming up soon! And if you haven't decided whether or not to hire Rick and Bernadette let me just tell you how awesome these guys are! Truly talented and amazing photographers who run a stellar business! You wont be disappointed. Cheers!July 11, 2010 11:18 pm
  2. Wed Nov 25th 2015 / 19:24pm / Rizen
    Christmas at the Park Theatre! Antonio you made us very proud to be your show sponsor.Great show guys. The whole thing was full of Christmas spiirt. The Parkettes costumes are beautiful Lisa. You both really did capture the exact Radio City Music Hall Rockettes look and feel right here in downtown Cobourg. From the head pieces to the strutting to the leg kicks. AND the choir was wonderful. I was really wowed by the 11 year old! We sure have a lot of amazing talent in this town and you seem to know where to find it Antonio . The night rocked!! PS: loved the tree – just right.


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