Fuelfest has begun!

Posted: 05/11/13
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance

Get yourself down to Battersea Arts Centre this week and get a slice of the delicious pie that is Fuelfest - a festival of performance from Fuel from 5-9 November!

We have something to tickle everyone's fancy: new theatre, classic Fuel shows, digital installations, scratch performances of work that's in the process of being made...

Melanie Wilson's mesmerising new show Landscape II has been garnering rave reviews, here are a few of the most recent ones...

"Beautifully produced, haunting, and precise... always engrossing" Exeunt Magazine

"Wilson’s presence on stage is utterly electric... Landscape II is a work of art, one that your mind will dwell upon long after its conclusion." Warwick Arts Centre Review

We're very pleased to also announce that the scratch performance on Saturday 9 November will be a work in progress show by David Rosenberg and Glen Neath, creators of the box office smash Ring.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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