Fuelfest at Unity Theatre

Posted: 13/02/12

We're very excited to be heading up to Unity Theatre, Liverpool for the start of Fuelfest this weekend.

The month long season kicks off with Ring by David Rosenberg (Electric Hotel) and continues for a month with 3 other Fuel shows as well as a Body Pods listening station and plenty of post-show discussions and workshops.

The first workshop will be hosted by Fuel co-directors Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath and will be about the role of the producer. Join us at 6pm on Friday 17 February for the workshop, and why not follow it up with the first performance in the season.

Fuelfest was picked by Lyn Gardner in the Guardian Guide this week. She also picked Sound&Fury's Going Dark, currently in Aberyswyth and at Fuelfest in Liverpool next weekend, and The Forest by Fevered Sleep, at The Albany, London, this week.

For more information on all of the shows at Fuelfest click here. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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