Fuel's Spring Season

Posted: 01/01/11
Tags: Theatre

We're delighted to launch our spring season.

Between now and April we'll be travelling the length and breadth of England as well as popping across to Limerick in Ireland for the Unfringed Festival.

We have a marathon tour of London as Will Adamsdale's life coach character Chris John Jackson performs in 26(.2) venues in 26(.2) nights. Clod Ensemble and Peggy Shaw return with MUST: the inside story performing at venues and medical schools, Uninvited Guests are touring Love Letters Straight From Your Heart and Fevered Sleep bring back And The Rain Falls Down, a piece for 3-7 year olds.

We also have an exciting new collaboration between Will Adamsdale, Neil Haigh, Matthew Steer and John Wright, the launch of Invisible Things - a book about devising theatre by Fevered Sleep - and a new project by Fuel: Everyday Moments, a series of monthly podcasts created especially for you to enjoy at a particular time and place.

Click here to view an online copy of our brochure.

We hope you like it!


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