Fuel's Deaf & Disability Equality Training at Shape Arts

Posted: 25/10/11
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Sign Interpreted, Training

The Fuel team had a really interesting and informative training day at Shape Arts in earlier this month as part of our Access project, supported by the City Bridge Trust. We went on a Deaf and Disability Equality course where we learnt some invaluable things about making our shows and website more accessible, attracting deaf and disabled audiences, improving our sign interpreted performances, dispelling prejudgments about disabled people, and we even had the chance to learn some sign language. We particularly enjoyed the sign for 'pantomime' - a slap on the thigh(!).

We found it a fun and enlightening experience and we'd love to encourage anyone who is interested in making the arts increasingly accessible to learn more at Shape Arts. Get in touch with Tony at Shape Arts,, and let him know we recommended his rewarding training day.

For more information visit the Shape website.


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