Fuel jets off

Posted: 22/07/13
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance, Sound&Fury, Kursk, Fevered Sleep

We have a particularly exciting week coming up in which we present a variety of different art works across the globe. Fevered Sleep's short film It’s the Skin You're Living In is being shown at the Floating Cinema launch in London and their enchanting show for children, Brilliant, will be visiting the Taipei Children’s Arts Festival in Taiwan.

We have tons more exciting digital performance to enjoy. Sound&Fury's film of the stage show Kursk is available to watch on The Space and our series of podcasts made by artists on the theme of waiting, While You Wait, can be listened to on our website in one week's time. This new podcast has been made by artist Caroline Horton with Dr Jennifer Wild Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Senior Lecturer at King's College London.

We hope you enjoy all of this fresh new work!