Fuel is recruiting!

Posted: 26/02/13
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre

We are looking for a Local Engagement Specialist in Malvern (Freelance position)

Fuel is putting together a team of brilliant local engagement specialists to help with the delivery of our New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood initiative, which runs from January to June 2013.

The nationwide project will use shows Fuel is touring in spring 2013 to Colchester, Malvern, Preston, Poole and Stockton-on-Tees as a springboard for research with potential audiences, with venues, with artists and with the people who make the shows. Fuel is working with Malvern Theatres to deliver the project in Malvern .

New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood is a project that aims to get people excited about the theatre we make. We’d like them to come to our shows. We want to find out more about Malvern and the people that live there and in the long term create performances in their neighbourhoods.

Fuel is currently seeking an enthusiastic and committed local engagement specialist to help us achieve our aims in partnership with the Malvern Theatres.

To apply, download and follow instructions in the job description below.

Deadline: 10am on Monday 4 March 2013.


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