Fuel announces Louise Blackwell’s decision to step down in 2018 to investigate new developments in Brighton and further afield.

Posted: 17/03/17
By: Caroline

Kate McGrath will continue as Director of Fuel, becoming its sole Chief Executive. 

After working with Kate for 15 years and jointly leading Fuel for over 12 years, Louise will leave Fuel to initiate ideas based closer to her home in Brighton, as well nationally and internationally. 

Fuel was founded by Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath in 2004 and together they have worked with a huge and diverse range of artists and partners from Sadler’s Wells to Turner Contemporary and from David Rosenberg to Melanie Wilson. 

Louise Blackwell said ’The people I have worked with at Fuel have inspired me to try and make the impossible possible. I’m lucky to have led the company with Kate for over twelve years. Now it’s time for a new chapter for Fuel and for me to start a new story. I know that the Fuel ethos will burn brightly in both our careers forever.’’

Kate McGrath said ”I’ve been inspired by Louise since I first had the opportunity to work with her at Battersea Arts Centre in 2002. The future of Fuel fills me with excitement. It remains a great joy and privilege to lead this organisation, which Louise and I started together, and to be able to honour the spirit of our collaboration in its future.”   

Sean Egan, Chair of the board said “Louise and Kate’s vision for Fuel and the tenacity with which they have pursued it over the last 12 years have been second to none. Fuel is in a very strong position, and along with the rest of the board, I want to thank Louise for her enormous contribution to the organisation since its inception, and wish her luck in her future ventures.”


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