Posted: 17/01/12
Tags: London, Performance

Belarus Free Theatre are looking for volunteers to yake part in a human sculpture (full nudity required).

Nikolai and Natalia of Belarus Free Theatre will be directing 50 volunteers to make a human art piece, the naked bodies reflecting the situation in Belarus where people are routinely stripped, beaten and tortured on a daily basis. The bodies will spell FUCK REALPOLITIK.  Renown photographer Simon Annand will be working with Belarus FreeTheatre's artistic directors to create this incredible contemporary art piece. Media coverage is strongly expected.

When: Thursday 19th January
Where: Riverside Studios
Time: 11.30-2.30pm
How many you need:  50 people comfortable being naked
Photographer:  Simon Annand.
Director: Nikolia Knalezin

Please email Emily Dobbs if you would like to be involved or for more information.


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