Electric Hotel in Bournemouth

Posted: 20/09/11
Tags: Theatre, Electric Hotel

We've been to the muddy fields of Latitude Festival in Suffolk, the hilly vales of the Big Chill Festival near Great Malvern and this weekend we're topping off our 2011 summer tour of Electric Hotel at the Pavilion Dance and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

Come and join us in the Electric Hotel Bar from 6.30pm on Friday and Saturday and stay for the show at 9pm to enjoy the end of our summer season.

And if you're in Bournemouth this week, you'll be able to watch the construction of the hotel as we make our temporary home at Pavilion Dance.

Book tickets here for the last chance to see the spectacle of Electric Hotel this year.

"Thrillingly intense... rich and rewarding" Guardian


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