Edgelands at The Forest Fringe

Posted: 25/07/11

Sunday 21 August, 11am – 7pm
Hosted by Forest Fringe, Bristo Place, Edinburgh
Tickets by donation only

Edgelands is a new kind of conference for the arts. A space forged in the midst of the Edinburgh Festival for people from across the arts to come together to think about the world we inhabit and how we might help change it. Bringing together a remarkable community of partner organisations including Fuel, Forest Fringe have created a conference that will combine open space conversations with provocative and imaginative bursts of ideas from a range of speakers alongside longer dialogues, performances, workshops, installations and short films.

Edgelands is also a conference for those who can’t make it to Edinburgh. It is a space online for people to talk and share ideas. To contribute to the conference and to the festival as a whole regardless who they are or where they are.

All these people will be brought together around four key questions that we will explore over the course of the day and hopefully continue to think about in the weeks and months following:

What is digital innovation in the arts and why is it important?
How can we stop making Capitalism?
Artists. Audiences. How can we do this better?
Why have we failed to convince people the arts are important? Are the arts still important?

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Edgelands is curated by Andy Field and Hannah Nicklin and made possible through the partnership of The Arches, ArtsAdmin, The Basement, Bristol Old Vic, Colchester Arts Centre, Fierce, Forest Fringe, Inbetween Time Productions, The Junction, LIFT, the Live Art Development Agency, the National Theatre of Wales and Slunglow.