1. Thu Nov 8th 2012 / 19:54pm / Alan
    < What the finders found >Smart ways to saveDoing your recreash ahead of time is definitely a smart way to find places to fill-up on gasoline or diesel without driving around aimlessly or just stopping by the local gas station because it's on the way (or because they have cheap fountain drinks).Get gassedThere are several good places to check out gas prices online, including:Keep in mind that not all data will be absolutely current, and that member feedback can be incorrect or biased at time. But in general, these sites are pretty helpful.You can also download free apps to help you out on-the-go (where they're probably going to be the most helpful). For the iPhone, there'sa0 and and , too.Typically, gas prices are revised around 10am. So if prices are going up, you might save by pumping a little earlier. According to, Thursday morning is when fuel prices tend to go up.Bonus: .
  2. Fri Nov 9th 2012 / 12:36pm / hyinsq
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