Clod Ensemble's Zero now on sale!

Posted: 13/11/12
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance, Clod Ensemble

Tickets for Clod Ensemble's brand new show Zero are now on sale! Zero will be performed at London's premier dance venue Sadler's Wells from 4-5 June 2013.

The company returns to Sadler’s Wells with its latest piece, after the world premiere of An Anatomie in Four Quarters in 2011.

Set to an original score played live by a band of acclaimed musicians and featuring an explosive cast of performers, Zero is a turbulent mix of dance, music and visual theatre.

Zero is a world where nothing is certain – where women can be tigers and men can be snakes. Families, marriages and friendships are laced with sibling rivalries, frustrated desires and murderous ambitions. Heavens open and lives fall apart. Here, we are all at the mercy of the stormy weather. At least we can still sing the blues.

"A company with the scent and texture of a distinctive musical and theatrical language firmly in its grasp" Time Out

For more information about the show, to watch the trailer and to book tickets, click here.


  1. Fri Feb 1st 2013 / 23:30pm / Alejandro
    LESSONS I HAVE REACENTLY LEARNEDSuch an experience to be with Karen today…The sterngost feeling that I had, was indeed that we are not our body. Karen was not the shell I was looking at. Couple of weeks ago, when I first heard of Karen, I have searched the blog for pictures, and having the wonderful comments from friends and family about Karen, and seeing her in pictures I could get a better sense of her personality. Well nothing, absolutely nothing from Karen’s spirit and personality was in that body today. And I am sure those of you who knew her were even more aware of that. Of course I was still grateful to see the body she has been given here, to express her love, her personality, TO BE in, on this short journey. Yes indeed Jonathan, the body is not the person…Another revelation I had today sitting in the room with Karen was very interesting. I was using the piano chair and the piano to write some things in the visitor’s book, and for a moment I stopped and looked at the furniture and around the room. Simple plain wood, nothing sophisticated, heart-shaped stones, candles, books, pictures, a very simple and peaceful atmosphere… Nothing fancy! No china dishes, no silver tea sets, no gold door knobs, no expensive coffin (instead, a cardboard box so beautifully decorated by the children), not even flowers…Yet in all this simplicity there was so much richness, so many SPIRITUAL treasures And all of a sudden I had a deeper understanding of the difference between HAVING and BEING. I have read about it, heard about it, thought about it, but in that minute or maybe 30 seconds, my heart just got it in a different way.What Karen leaves behind is by far richer than silver and gold, more precious than diamonds and any material goods. Oh, if I could focus more on what spiritual goods I leave behind and I take with me when I go HOME rather then on so many other useless things.And there is another really special thing that happened on Saturday night and I would like to share.I had a friend over for dinner on Saturday night (April 1st) and as we were eating I was telling her about Karen. Now, I have my computer in the kitchen on another table, far from the table we eat. I have saved one of Karen’s pictures with the kids as my desktop background. And you know how if you do not touch the computer for a while the screen saver comes on and than you have to touch the computer again for the screen saver to go away. Well, I opened my mouth and said something like “there is this woman Karen”, and as I said Karen, without anybody moving around or touching the computer, the screen saver went away and there she was, smiling and holding Zippy and Adam. I had to stop talking for a while and my friend could not get what just happened. I told her, and we both marveled, and then I continued my story…Again I had a deeper understanding of what my church teaches, and I am sure many other religions; here on earth you find the “struggling” fellow human beings, but invisibly we are always in the company of the “victorious” ones, the ones who have finished the course and arrived HOME.So thank you all once again for sharing your journey with us.Karen, thank you! Looking forward to the sweet fragrance of the blossomed cherry trees!Jonathan and Sandy may you receive strength for the rest of your journeys!Zippy and Adam may you always feel your mommy’s presence and care and love for you. She is here with us. You are two little angels on earth and I am sure that if one looks really, really carefully he might even see your wings. But just because we don’t see things, does not mean they are not there. Can you see the smell of a flower? Can you see the warmth of the sun? Probably not but they are there enriching our lives and so is Karen. To all Karen’s friends, family, and any of us who only heard of her; In many ways she brought as all together; in love, in prayer, in vigil, in compassion, in more vigilance in how we spend our days, our lives, what are our priorities. Whether in a day, a week, a month or a year, we will all be in her place and realize that we only have so much time to live. Whenever our turn will come, I am sure that once we arrive Home we will recognize each other and rejoice. In the meantime, until we get there, it is our turn to gather people together in love, in prayer, in vigil…“Until we meet again, may God hold you, in the palm of His hand!” (Irish Blessing)
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