City Bridge Trust Access Programme

Posted: 09/12/10
Tags: London, Sign Interpreted

We are thrilled to have recently heard that The City Bridge Trust are going to support a three year programme of work enabling us to develop access to Fuel's London based work for deaf and blind audiences. We started to research sign interpretation in 2009 in a year long pilot project supported by Awards for All, during which time we worked to understand how to deliver BSL interpreted performances in an artistically motivated way. We engaged the artist with interpreter Martin Roberts, we set up a rehearsal and we integrated Martin into the performance.  We received fantastic feedback:

“want to see more shows like this!” Audience member, The 14th Tale, Manchester

“understanding how to sign interpret our show for children was fascinating and inspiring.” David Harradine, Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep

We were very excited by this work and are so pleased that we're able to continue the project.  The plan is to build on our learning by developing our sign interpretations, as well as started to investigate how to create original audio descriptions.  We want to deliver orginal and exciting accessible work and we want to engage deaf and blind consultants and deaf and blind advisors in order to achieve this.  If you are interested in getting involved, please have a look at our get involved page.  We'd love to hear from you.

And please look out for a brand new access page on this website which we're in the middle of creating at the moment.  There'll be loads more details on the project, information on upcoming access performances, and general access information for Fuel shows.

A huge thank you to The City Bridge Trust for making this work possible.