Chris John Jackson needs YOU(r)help moving London!

Posted: 14/01/11
By: Fuel Producing Intern
Tags: Theatre, London

A Day in the life of a Fuel intern:

Today I called the London Metropolitan Police to ask if it was ok for Chris John Jackson to move London 2 inches.

They said yes.

If you’ve already seen The London Jacksathon! then you’ll have seen Jackson attempt to move London or a geographical feature in London (like the Shard).

The Level 4 and 5sTM among you might have even attempted a lower level Jaction – such as pushing open a pull to open door or moving your sink up 3cm using mind power.

Next Saturday 22 January Chris John Jackson will attempt to do what no life-coach has ever done before –


But he doesn’t think he can do it alone. So if you want to be part of this collective Jaction meet us at 12pm outside the National Theatre on London’s Southbank.