China Plate are recruiting for an Assistant Producer

Posted: 19/04/11

Ed Collier and Paul Warwick, directors of China Plate are recruiting for an Assistant Producer to join them part-time for a year from May 2011.

China Plate is a partnership between producer Ed Collier and director Paul Warwick for delivering innovative artistic development opportunities, acting as a conduit for collaboration and encouraging leaps into unknown creative territory. Through projects like The Darkroom, The Optimists and the First Bite and Bite Size Festivals they have designed a range of bespoke opportunities for theatre artists at every stage of their careers, working with some of the UK’s most exciting theatre practitioners.

China Plate are the Associate Producers at Warwick Arts Centre. Working closely with Director Alan Rivett and his team, China Plate programme and deliver vibrant and engaging, contemporary theatre for the Studio and are exploring new ways for the centre to engage with theatre artists in developing new work.

This role has four core elements. Working in close collaboration with China Plate’s Directors you will:

  • Manage and deliver the 2011-12 First Bite and Bite Size Festivals.
  • Manage and deliver The Darkroom, China Plate’s flagship development programme for collaborative theatre makers.
  • Co-ordinate China Plate’s marketing strategy.
  • Support the company’s other ongoing projects, including The Optimists and the relationship with Warwick Arts Centre.

Deadline for applications is 10am on 3 May. Good luck!


  1. Fri Jun 3rd 2011 / 18:06pm / Lisa
    Thknas for sharing. What a pleasure to read!
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