Calling all performance makers!

Posted: 04/01/13
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, Performance

Swap, share or hire our production resources...

We have a comprehensive collection of technical, staging and rigging equipment, stage management tools, furniture, costumes, props, drapes and other theatrical sundries, all available for swapping, sharing or hire at very favourable rates.  To find out if we can help you, or if we know anyone that might, please contact Billy Wolf or Stuart Heyes on 02072286688.

Also available, for sale:

1 x 8m by 8m white filled cloth projection screen/cyclorama

20 x 4m/13' long aluminium scaffold tubes (standard 48mm diameter)

1 x 50m roll of 1.5m black wool serge, unused

1 x Rosco Litepad HO+ 6" by 12"

12m of lightweight 2-Way curtain track, silver, plus runners

A selection of used kee clamps

Please contact Billy Wolf ( for more details and prices.


  1. Tue Apr 26th 2016 / 23:18pm / Ving
    SoatilySdlted Sounds like you are referring to a common issue with forcing vsync. If you Alt+Tab out of a lot of games after doing it, it breaks the vsync and will start tearing when you return to it.


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