Call for participants

Posted: 30/05/12
Tags: Theatre, Sound, Electric Hotel

We are working on a new show by David Rosenberg and Glen Neath and need your help. 

Ring is a sound journey in complete darkness in which the audience, wearing headphones, imagine
themselves to be the protagonist in the unfolding narrative. The show will use the binaural sound
techniques used in Contains Violence and Electric Hotel, directed by David Rosenberg, to locate the
audience in a particular sound environment. This allows someone listening to an audio recording
through headphones to locate the source of the sound. For example a fly buzzing around your head,
a person walking towards you, or even the sensation and sounds of drinking a glass of water.
The scenario is a meeting. Its nature is ambiguous – it has elements of a therapy session or a Quaker
meeting, but it is apparent that it is a regular event, and that some people in the room know each
other well. The audience member as protagonist is welcomed into this meeting, and it becomes
clear that they have various relationships with people in the room. There is an argument which may
be violent, and the audience member is somehow implicated.
We are looking for 50 people to help us record crowd scenes that will be used in the show. You will need to be able to attend the recording sessions at Warwick Arts Centre from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday 3 June. We're giving all particpants £10 as a thank you for their time. For more information see the attached document and to register interest email