Body Pods - Bone

Posted: 02/11/12
Tags: Body Pods

We've just launched our penultimate podcast, Bone, by David Harradine and Dr Allie Gartland.

You can listen to it, along with all of our other podcasts here as well as watching a short film of David and Allie talking about their Body Pod here. We hope you enjoy it.

David says of his podcast:

I am interested in the idea of connectedness, and I want to make work that reminds people of the forgotten, unnoticed or ignored connections between our human world and the wider, wilder, world in which we live.  Bone was a perfect subject for this.  

When I discovered that the massive chalk cliffs that buttress parts of the English coastline are actually made from the microscopic bone structures of prehistoric animals, I had a seismic reaction.  I wanted to make something about that.  So it was a joy to get into conversations with Allie Gartland, because as soon as she started to explain about the formation of bone and the dynamic processes of change it's always undergoing, I felt a strong link to my original ideas about landscape and time.

Allie was brilliant at giving me insights into the deepest parts of my body:  how bone grows, how it senses, what it does, what it's made from.  As always happens in a good collaboration, we recognised that we were talking very different languages, but we found a common language, one defined by a fascination with something, with bone.  

Bone has been a bridge between the beach at Bempton Cliffs and Allie's office in Sheffield, between the unimaginable future and the fathomless reaches of the past, between the secret landscapes of the sea, the earth, and the body.  My body.  Your body.  Bone connects.