Arts Council NPO Application

Posted: 30/03/11
By: Kate and Louise
Tags: Theatre

In a day of mixed news for the arts in England we are delighted to have good news for Fuel in the arts council’s NPO application process. We will be funded for the next three years to produce fresh work for adventurous by inspiring artists. To find out more about who is part of the National Portfolio visit


  1. Wed Mar 30th 2011 / 6:21am / Jackie Alexander
    Great news - well done all of you!
  2. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 4:07am / Wind
    Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep lokinog for your posts.
  3. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 7:20am / Champ
    Thank God! Someone with brnais speaks!
  4. Sat Sep 8th 2012 / 21:57pm / Parida
    Louise, our secret KT agent. She knows enihytrevg! And has a nice collection there ekhm Thanks, I'll be ON tomorrow! Keep my eyes and ears open!xoxo!
  5. Sun Sep 9th 2012 / 7:31am / jtepedjto
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  6. Wed Nov 25th 2015 / 19:40pm / Janodin
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