A life in subsidy

Posted: 31/01/11
By: Louise
Tags: Theatre, Performance

Last week we received two negative funding decisions and two positive funding decisions for different projects we are producing. We were also invited to apply for a brilliant new fund and got through to the second round of another scheme. Phew. What a bouncy week.

The two negative funding decisions each have a different impact on our working lives. One project we had been working on for two years. It is ambitious, incredibly exciting artistically (of course I am biased) and we asked for a lot of money. It would have taken my working life in a new direction by learning about a different art form.  Unusually for us, there’s no other way to make this project happen now and so we have to close the door on that idea and on working with that artist. For now.  

This is rare for us because we are stubborn and normally find a way of making something happen even if we are constantly turned down for funding.... It’s not the end for the other rejected project, just the beginning of another route of fundraising for us.  Hardy, resilient and jolly in the face of a knock back – that’s me last week. This week who knows what’s in store...


  1. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 0:06am / Parmelia
    Glad I've finally found semohting I agree with!
  2. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 3:55am / Nevea
    That's a mold-breaker. Great thnkinig!
  3. Sat Jun 4th 2011 / 6:16am / Betty
    Cool! That's a cevler way of looking at it!
  4. Wed Mar 20th 2013 / 22:42pm / Perlie
    The whole installation rlaely worked in a auspicious way. The real wall, those windows up high, the odd parachute sculptures, the lovely laptop mini film, The way we all had to come together to look in the window of the van, the engine running,the coming together of family and friends and city officials and the powerfully simple time line that drew it all together (I had the pleasure of handing out) it worked for me.I think the waist shirt workers would have been very proud. In fact I felt them there.falling and rising.
  5. Wed Mar 20th 2013 / 23:27pm / Ishan
    So beautiful ~ thnkas for posting this Laura!! My favourate parts of this are being reminded to connect to younger versions of myself when I was overflowing with courage and love as well as remembering that I can choose, always the mirror work and the beautiful affirmative way of being in the world and being embodied. Thank you for the post and the reminder. Love Jenny
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