1. Tue Apr 26th 2016 / 22:16pm / Twiggy
    Ohmhmhhhhhhmmmmmmmmhmmmmh, da läuft mir ja schon am frühen morgen trotz grade eingenommenem Frühstück gleich wieder das Wasser im Mund zusammen.Gehe gleich auf den Markt, mal schauen, ob es schöne Aprikosen gibt...Liebe Grüße Bettina
  2. Wed Apr 27th 2016 / 9:31am / Irene
    Hello KatGlad to hear my Tea tip is helping. Its a brilliant drink to help settle the tummy.£24k for a 50/50 chance is a pretty high risk and your right, the NHS couldnt pay for this at the minute, not unless it becomes cheaper and is garanteed to keep us Crohnies away from further meds and hospital treatment. If it was a total cure, I think the NHS would cover it as in the long term it would probably work out ch.eeereKapp wellBen
  3. Thu Apr 28th 2016 / 10:03am / Jacki
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  4. Thu Apr 28th 2016 / 16:03pm / Joyelle
    così uno deve trovare DUE parole anziché una, cioé doppia sccaaioturc. Comunque il tuo articolo non era chiaro: meno male che paolo ha chiarito!
  5. Thu Apr 28th 2016 / 22:48pm / Candid
    Roberto Alcazar, no digo que lo hagas, pero creo debemos llevar cuidado con justificar la &##d10;De2ocracia&88222; del PSOE porque el PP también la utilizó en el pasado.Me gusta o disgusta: 0  0 [url=]zewnwqksdw[/url] [link=]dngbrj[/link]


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