£5 ticket offer for Knight Watch

Posted: 04/07/12
By: Natalie
Tags: Theatre, London, Performance, Inua Ellams

Tara Arts at Coronation Gardens, Southfields and Arcola Theatre at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden are offering a limited number of £5 tickets to Inua Ellams' new outdoors show, Knight Watch, to Fuel friends. Quote ‘Knight Watch flyer’ when booking your tickets.

To find out more about the show, a magic realist, poetic exploration of gang violence in a city, with a live soundtrack from a drum and flute duo, click here.

Please note this offer is only available when booking your tickets on the phone or in person not online.

Call Tara Arts on 020 8333 4457 for shows from 5-7 July.

Call Arcola on 020 7503 1646 for the show 10 July.


  1. Mon Oct 8th 2012 / 14:44pm / Swarup
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