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“A feast for the ears and a rare work out for the imagination – theatre at its most potently intimate.” Independent on Sunday

Sound&Fury is a collaborative theatre company co-founded by Mark Espiner, Tom Espiner and Dan Jones whose artistic interest is in developing the sound space of theatre and presenting the audience with new ways of experiencing performance and stories by heightening the aural sense.

Why we work with Sound&Fury

Sound&Fury were the first artists we talked to when we had the idea of Fuel. We had worked with them on an adaptation of Moby Dick called The Watery Part of the World, performed for the most part in total darkness at Battersea Arts Centre. It was one of the most unusual, spine-tingling and visceral experiences we had ever had.
We produced their next show, Ether Frolics – Sound&Fury's collaboration with members of the Shunt Collective staged at the Shunt Vaults in London Bridge and on UK tour. After that we developed Kursk together, before it opened at the Young Vic.
From a dingy cellar full of technical challenges for Ether Frolics, to the huge production ambitions of touring the inside of a submarine for Kursk we are in this one for the long haul. Mark, Dan and Tom’s collaboration is one of the most exciting ones we know. We’ve grown with them as producers and we're very excited about what adventures we'll go on together next.